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Do Everything.

Signalpattern eliminates information silos and puts everything you need to get your job done right at your fingertips.

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Gartner calls it the "composable enterprise" and it's the future of business.
Gartner calls it
the "composable enterprise"
and it's the future of business.
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Digital Transformation Dilemma

The average employee loses an hour everyday wrestling with over 32 job-critical applications†

A Better Approach

Work at the interaction level, and streamline your daily activities.

We call these individual interactions “Signals”.


Signals are, in essence, simple responses to simple requests - easy to learn, remember and save.


Signals can be logically combined into mashups and visually arranged into collections.


Individual Signals can be accessed, used and shared via any user interface.

Accelerating the flow in workflow

Accelerating the

in workflow

Signals keep you focused on your tasks so you work faster and smarter.


Quickly search, browse, and find the Signals and information you need - everything from simple data displays to fully interactive forms and dialogs.

"Show me what we have on the Acme account."


Use search results as-is or drag & drop, resize widgets to build your own collection of Signals.  Easily save and share it with others.

Interactions Anywhere

Information however you want, wherever you need.

Chat, SMS, voice & more

Access Signals from whatever user interface is convenient. Look up an account via Slack? No problem. Update a service ticket via SMS? Check. Track a shipment with your Alexa? Easy.

Unlock superpowers...

Do things with Signals that are impossible with normal applications.  Share specific Signals with others via SMS or Slack, embed them in external web pages - you can even call a Signal via its own API endpoint.

DHL package tracking interaction

Rapidly build your own Signals

Start from scratch or use a template - it’s easy to jump in and explore what’s possible.


Anyone can build Signals. Familiar with spreadsheets? You will feel right at home creating your own “Patterns”.

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† TechRepublic Dec 4, 2018