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Easily prototype, integrate, and launch innovative micro apps and services.

Some of the great things people do with Signalpattern...

Explore APIs

Work and play with data in any web API.

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Micro Apps

Like checking the status of a loading dock from the web or from your phone.

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Build interactive work flows that streamline your day.

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Embedded Widgets

Instantly embed any pattern, anywhere.

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Interactive Documentation

Like this employee vacation policy.

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Interactive Calculators

Like calculating a loan payment on the web or as a widget in your own website.

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Mock APIs

Mock up data and serve it as an API for your projects.

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Build it once. Use and share it everywhere...

On the Web
As an API
In Chat
With your Voice

Build your own micro apps for web, mobile, chat, and voice with basic skills.

Yes, you can do this!

More Info Needed...

Patterns are like a spreadsheet, and Signals are like cells in that spreadsheet— together they make a Signalpattern.

In this example you can see a signal named s1 with a value of dog.

You can use the value of s1 anywhere else within this pattern (and even other patterns). To use it here, simply type {{s1}}— this is called a Signal Reference.

Try changing the value of s1 to cat and see how it changes the pattern.

Notice the ** surrounding the value in s2? This is called Markdown— you can use it to format text, but we'll talk about that more later.

Start building and sharing your own...